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       C O N T E S T  O F  S P E E D

Friday the 14th of June



LAUNCH kl 17.30 
PAUSE kl 18.30 
RE-LAUNCH kl 20.00 

@p a l m e r a  

              (photo cred. Andreas Dyrdal)



Picture above is collected bricks from the site, the  side-lines of the race car track seen on the google map image below 

C O N T E S T  O F  S P E E D  




  C O N T E S T  O F  S P E E D 


  still-images from the projected film enmeshment (07.00 plays in a loop)

  2013, from a white surface that fades to the scene of two slugs

  copulating, at the end it slide in to dark, and loops back to the 

  white surface.  


  Re-launched @palmera 2019 together with a still-image

  launched as a postcard 

  re-launched in Stockholm 2014



 press play, wait one minutt, for the slugs to be seen 



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