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C O L L A B O R A T I V E   -Red and White lines

- work with  Juanma González (SV/ES) and Ingrid Bjørnseth (NO)              


EKS-Rummet, Copenhagen - October 2019  



Juanma González: Red water-colour pencil - drawing on 3 of the walls in the room - day by day during the installing periode. "When you can not walk, 

draw a map." 


Ingrid Bjørnseth:   50 meter of white thread.  And red string wrapped around the white in various lengths. Intuitively attached to the walls of the room.  

"To walk over, under and beside, or not walking over and under." 




(photo cred. Ingrid Bjørnseth and edited by Floriane Grosset)




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