Gyldenpris Kunsthall, Bergen NO - December 2020

Method and Material : The work is inspired by the passage in the Gyldenpris Kunsthall

(this passage is the two first pictures. The hallway is yellow light-set for this event).

Size box: 2 m x 4.50 m Material : plywood, batten and acrylic paints 

THIS AND THAT SIDE  is an installation based sculpture. It is modified, replicated and abstracted, from the passage.

The box has two entrees, it is non exit, but to go back when inside.

One passage in the box is Black (Night Sky Blue), the other is Yellow (Mango Juice) 

MDF and lath




Regarding Colours: Schwarz Blau (is an industrial colour, similar to the art paint Payne's grey, that is an dark blue-gray colour used to get a deep shade in paintings - the colour is named after William Payne. 

 This vs. Mango Juice,  a poetic naming, given to industrial paint. A change in our perception of colours, it is a shift from using letters and number the colour code. 

To choose colours for our rooms/walls is more based on our association to memories and ideas of things.