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Hamburg 2018

Talks about living the artist house, daily life, revisiting, reconnecting, and new meetings











Round Tabels 


A serie of arranged meetings and talks, started in 2014, and is a on going project 









In Bergen 2018 one hour was set for the discussion and took place three times during the exhibition period. The invited were 1. newly educated artist´s 2. Artist´s and worker´s from various art institution 3. Artist´s and art critic´s. The purpose was to talk about artist pracsis, transport and shipping, practical issues, a forum for art and artist related talk. It was an collaboration with Vilde Blom and Aski Dahl from the exhibition in 2018 A thousand Observation -USF Visningsrom





15. 606.2014.jpg

In Trondheim 2014 one hour was set for the discussion. The invited were NTNU student ́s from the department field of psychology, theology and from mathematics physics. Three other chairs were open for the audience to participate. The talk had the keywords : Descend-Transcend-Boundaries-Time machine-Pressure





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