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leave the earth grave dead moon surface. work in the separate field influence each other. what we interact. scoping up dirt and analyzing it. Take a look at the photography. Looking at earth other world, a come down and pounder the earth. in the moment it said I it felt fear cause that then there was an I to protect. But it was the only I, so what am I afraid of and then it got lonely and created another. tide to, transform in to a. right back forward, for sure, where shall i hid it. finally the moon, tho mold the spiritual animal, even tho its blid it knows where its going. Hid it in their hart. Approsjesh

truth not in an of it self, observation world data reiptisjon, why do we se the observation that we do see? hypofeses mental constructs put to getter how it come about

Experiment and try to disprove, it must be tested, another round of testing and jet another and it start so get a respect for it. steven raoul ven ocular imperfecta fact. not wongs, dosent man fact worlds data. evolves. some to be discovered, no certainty, styl of argument. destination an

faraway we are form understanding. a thing middel constructs, why we see, hypnoses, To disprove, how far we are from understanding. a process. power, cut out things and fokus on what to deal with. make up another experiment. a higer catogoirie, previsinonal.

not a guise and not a fact. value certain aspect of the world and how you relate to pepole.

josef campe but noe when truth challenge it doest pretend to be tru or final, continue to grow where it might lead. transtransformationg. we dont know anything but have an eagerness. horizons, its there any other at all or jus ate rat mystery nothing you have to belive and noting you have to do. moment from the day of the greace the 1 world war. no 100 % certainty

evelopintetut descovering a sense of yore of discovering of new in in about the world frustrating not 100 certainty

proposal A pretty simel experiment

Have a friend go out and buy lets say about 500 peices puzzle je probely want give him the money for that... but tell the them expisetly that what you need is a pussel of around 500 pieces and that all the pieces should be put into brown bag then given to you and that you are not aloud to see what the picture in front of the box so you have no idea what the pussel is of. oki lets say you take out 10 pieces or depending do this and on how fast you want to go.

get a handel on how to deal lack of certainty, I did this onec 1 piece per day

itersting exsperiment

so maybe you want to take 10 pieces or 4 then write down in journal exactly what information you get from the pieces you might figur out it is blue sky green grass a :::::::::::: or some like that

it is actually amazing much you can figure out from just a fraction of the pieces of the pussel

now if the every day or every week something like this you take out another 10 pieces you write down in the journal what more info you get, maybe you start fit the pises together.

and if you keep track of this processes gress. Like i one pice pr day and in the end of the week you draw a picture of what you think the puzzle was picture of. and You start to certain image coschiling and after a few week you actually get to have a pretty good idea of what this picture might be of. even tho you only have fragmentary evidence and by the very end in the end you might find out no matter how more pussel sizes you get you only lear a little more

a bout what the picture looks like, that even with lets 50 prosent of your pussel pieces, you might be abel to tell for the most part of what exactly you get a picture of, is why

it dosent give a 100% certainti, you never get the hole picture, but you still get a sense of what is is. there is were the satisfaction comes through

there is other compliatati as you are working moer then one pulse at one a that they are two different mussels

what do i call it a paradigm a backside a were you lurer there is a backside with two if i flip the over and now I see their have different baksides color or textures I can separate it and see that it is two sides.

permatly lost pussels

When possible still you gand this is why when you get the picture drawn there is were the it a good proximation satisfaction comes from

whole system eco home sfære sub compones s litosfære hydro water cykel atmosfær weatter and clima biosfær naboers interconectioncs historie of eras and resources life history universal historie

systems terrine 1950 reductionism parts know the parts holosik viue defining types of systems brake d. isolated no exchange of matte no such thing ignore that. colsed energy can be exchange but matter can. contain. experiments are done. space shuttle. no matter crossing bu engergi exchange. you are an open system of letting matter and energi out and in. Energi is coming in and out. meteoritic coming in. earth closed system. amount of matter with in closed in. subsystems. change in a subsystem changing another place. box model. resolvers and fluxes. water sick. in the vapor resolvers of art reso. surface ocean, deep osen more, resolvers, build models, computer, longer to runn, more operation, a point of matter for, nesserery, but not so many so it bechomovare omes unsessesery. any moment that we are concerned are about. a process. sinks the water out of our ressovvar. couantify the fluxes. lot more up that down. find the inbalance. when inbelens more rescuers. not in that water again in the ground in the river in the. All the fluxes that we talk about. geo ter solo term gervetational. assosia. water and solar. Paliocalimat spilo. cave... isotop. gathering. stalagmite. clima, past, then in the futer pridickt. residence time of watere in the atmosfære 9-10 days before it goes out. 7 year the monocyks of your body leaves. been house effect. a source. sino ks of carbon. inbalenses a rester. evualibrium. pertubon. natural sink it out. put more in than it can sink out. feed in the originakl subsystem feed backback and complications than it goes back creating a new way and then ring out. matter amount in you body dined you dink more then it rises and the rise changes the system. pothole growth, chemical witter it as it growers, cars hit it, mechanical cracks, isalbedo effect. more is reflects sun hist back create new feedback. more drug feed back. a run away system. termostat in your house. keeps the house in a nic ee qulbrium. gyu james love lock the earth is a body.with the global climb. hydrolisis refuse the warming it jus wont warm up as much. decrease. refuse the cooling. enemies that floats between the ressovares. energi budsjetts elivilibeium. solo geo grav, one sub to another law term 4 0 when two with a 3 body same temputure energi to ab ba all. same temputure. the constant changes from one form to another. we dont creat we dont destroy. all was changes from one jusfull to another less ussesfull. less order diss order increases. mississused. isolate. preserve dt th. your body ted to prefer your anyone system earth are a open. ecru's . entropi encore. perfect crystal alle the atom no motion a 0 calvin. you can't get to 0 n. the short history of everything. a little is allows one you can't win you can't brak you can't go out. biochemical geo chemical cycle. of any

carbon cycel. carbon and rocks. fluks the carbon out. burn the out. intno the oceson trrestial. carbon goes to a plant that dies but does not decay and then.

understand the life.

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